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Monodon - Tiger PL 12 onwards
Nauplii is sourced from in house dedicated maturation system. Locally sources and high quality brood stock is used in the maturation system. Brood stock are PCR screened for Listed Pathogens. Larvae are fed with Artemia and diatom chaetoceros. Post Larvae are sold to farmers from PL 12 onwards. Post Larvae are regularly monitored and tested through their growth cycle. Upto 3 Samples may be provided for Independent testing as well.  PLs are packed with wide range of salinity range i.e. from 5 PPT onwards as per customer's specification.
Monodon - Nauplii
We sell nauplii to our associated hatcheries on need basis and under special circumstances. Only viable and high health nauplii's produced from spawning of PCR screened broodstock are shipped.
Grow out Consultancy
We provide grow out consultancy and technical support to our regular customers.  Customers have reported significant improvements in the grow out yields.