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Hatchery is located in South India with state of the art facilities, staffed with experienced and qualified technicians ; Facilities includes sections or units that support Maturation, Spawning, Hatching, Artemia culture , Algae cultivation, Broodstock Quarantine, Nursery, Larval Rearing Tanks, PCR Lab, Water treatment etc.  The hatchery is located at a site where abundant quantity of fresh water and ocean quality sea water is available throughout the year. Temperate warm sea water, tidal source & influx of nutrients from the oceans provide sustainable habitat for successful rearing native species of marine life.
The hatchery has a main unit consists of three Larval Rearing Units A, B & C with a capacity to produce 100 Million PLs per Annum. It also contains support unit that serves as Maturation and Naupli center with a capacity of  300 Million naupli per Annum. The support unit provides facilities to operate isolated maturation system and infrastructure to support individual spawning & hatching areas. The in-house maturation and spawning facility also supplies high quality naupli to several associated hatcheries.
Apart from that, the hatchery operates Indoor and outdoor algae section as well as Artemia Section to provide screened and high quality feed to the hatchery reared Fries i.e. Nauplii and PLs. The hatchery is supported by in-house PCR lab where screening of the brood stock, Nauplii & PLs for listed pathogens and vectors. Also there's Water Treatment Units for both intake and effluent water. All these sections and units are staffed and operated by professional, well qualified and experienced technicians.