Welcome to Vaishale Prawn Hatchery (VPH), The Smart Farmer's Choice to source High Quality Tiger seeds !
Vaishale Prawn Hatchery is a leading producer of high quality Monodon Shrimp Post Larvae. Shrimp PLs are produced in a highly  bio-secure facility, by employing consistent production process,. The facility is located at about 60 KMs south of Chennai, India on the coast of Bay of Bengal, easily accessible via East Coast Road ( ECR).  The hatchery caters to the seed needs of the shrimp farmers located in the coastal region, shrimp seeds are packed professional in a reliable packing materials and shipped both by road and air.  VPH produces and supplies high quality, high survival and high growth rate Monodon post larvae(PL) year round.
One of the important aspects for successful shrimp farming is selection of best quality seed using high growth, screened, tested and viral free brooders, apart from many other vital parameters and we keep that as our guiding factor to produce best quality seeds. Brood stock is sourced from the Palayar region where shallow coastal waters serves as good breeding ground for mature tiger shrimps. Mature adult shrimps are  sourced daily from local professional fishermen; such sourced shrimps are PCR screened to ensure that they are viral free before bringing into maturation system. VPH uses high quality feed for the brooders and water quality is given utmost importance for larval rearing. The facility also cultures it's own Algae and Artemia for the purpose of intensive larval rearing.
Our sustainability relies on the success of our customers and we keep that as our ultimate business outcome.  Though our seed is primarily sold in Tamil Nadu, our marketing and sales network is geared towards serving farmers from Coastal region of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra & Gujarat. We pack & ship our products to all locations served by Road, Train and Air. After sales support in form of grow-out consultancy and farm management technical support is provided on need basis for our regular customers. Significant portion of our customer base is repeat customers and that itself speaks about the quality, performance and success of the PLs that's been supplied over these years. We look forward to successful business relationship with our customers as well as lead towards a sustainable and viable aquaculture practices !